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Bug and Grill Scrubber

Sometimes you’re the grill. Sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes you have a MicroTex Bug & Grill Scrubber, and you are master of the grill and the bug.

Sayonara, ugly dead things. Prepare to die. Again.

This may feel like a terry towel, but it’s MicroTex, made up of thousands of threads split to 100 times finer than a human hair. With all those tiny tentacles trapping dirt and grime, you don’t need chemicals or even water for a flawless clean.

EasyGrip Microfiber Sponge

400 million years ago, a new life form emerged. Porous. Bulbous. Hungry. From the ocean water, it filtered dead plant and animal particles for food. 

That’s the sponge for you. Generous, thoughtful, absorbent. Always cleaning up after others.

Today, sponges are still around, doing the dirty work. But we didn’t get this one from the ocean. We made it ourselves, and sewed on an outer layer of microfiber. Why? Massive sudsification.

Car Wash Concentrate

You and some friends. Driveway. Cut-offs. Car. Hose.

Wait. You think the car’s going to get clean without soap? Maybe you’ve tried to get away with whatever you use for dishes. Oh, the streaking. The spotting. The travesty.

Washing your car is easy. Just pour a bit of this concentrate into a bucket, dilute, and suds away. Then rinse. Presto-cleano. And no streaks, either.

12 Super Soft Terry Towels

You get out of the shower, reach for the rack, and pat yourself down with an old towel. Yoiks. Scratchy.

Do you want your car to feel that way? Because it has feelings, too. Just look into the headlights. They’re limpid pools of vulnerability.

These lush towels are made with much finer, softer cotton than what’s used in ordinary towels. They’re soft on delicate surfaces and absorb gobs of water. In fact, they’re the same quality used by professional car washes. So go pro at home.