Media Melange

1) Fame. The remake. We saw it on PayPerView in our hotel room. Best part of the experience was watching John get increasingly angrier as he realized that no character development would be forthcoming. He is so cute when he’s angry at bad art! Or bad commerce! Whatever that sort of movie-making is.

Whereas I had expected pure schlock and was thus pleasantly surprised by the lack of mawkish dialogue. In other words, instead of sentimental pablum, Fame 2 is impressionistic gossamer. And they cheat you out of the songs! Where is “Dogs in the Yard”? Where is “Hot Lunch”? Even “Fame” gets ghettoed into the credits. Dumb choice.

2) An Education. Also on PPV. Very entertaining. Everyone’s right about Carey Mulligan; she’s wonderful to watch. But why has nobody mentioned that the Peter Sarsgaard character isn’t charming enough? He’s boring, even. And kind of pathetic. For Mulligan’s character to be interested in him, he’d need to be her equal in intelligence, if not knowledge. Or at least style. Or maybe just really sexy. Something.

3) Lush Life. I read a Richard Price book. (Go ahead. Reel in shock.) Years of listening to his interviews on NPR won me over to a genre I’ve otherwise avoided: the police procedural. And . . . I liked it. Dude writes good sentences. Crackling language—and language everywhere, not just the dialogue, which is what you hear about Price.

But I think in the end, the procedural stuff eclipses the characters. Which is a shame, because the characters are fascinating and well drawn. I’d have liked to have spent more time with them and less time in the interrogation room.

4) Cherry. I read the second Mary Karr memoir. (I am now primed for the newly released third, as was my goal.) I liked it even better than the first, which ran into the occasional sluggish interlude.

Cherry is about Karr’s adolescence, and even though her 1970’s East Texas milieu couldn’t be more different from Fitzgerald’s, there was something about it that reminded me of him. Maybe the dissipation. Or the ennui. Karr writes fantastically about altered states (which bodes well for Lit, about her alcoholism), and she has such a sensibility for the body, for translating states of feeling. For the sake of rhythm, I’ll put a few non-Karr books between me and Lit, but it’s in my queue.

And I know all five of my readers are practically peeing their pants for my take on Marry Him, so I’ll try to post that before too terribly long. I’ve already spent enough time sorting my thoughts that I feel some sort of income should attach itself to this project. Anyone?

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  1. Sour Fishie says:

    So excited you’re going to trash Marry Him!!! Reading smack about that book has become a hobby. (Feministing, Slate, and Bitch all take it on.) Can’t wait for your post!

  2. admin says:

    Yup! Just posted it. I spent way too much time thinking about that book. Ah, well. Now I’ve blogged it, and I can move on. (Yeah, right.)

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