Railing Against the Facts

Every morning, I make myself a carafe of tea. Throughout the morning, I drink it. About half-way through the day, I make myself another carafe. Then I drink that.

The math: By the end of most days, I have drunk two carafes. Each carafe holds a liter. Ergo, I drink about two liters of tea a day.

M: How much is two liters? Is it a gallon?

J: No, it’s half a gallon.

M: Half a gallon? That’s it?

J: Yeah.

M: It always looks like so much more in those Coke bottles.

J: They’re clever that way.

M: But I drink more than that. I drink, like—do I drink 8 pint glasses a day? Wouldn’t that be a gallon?

J: You’d have to be filling up each glass to the tippy-top.

M: [Walking over to the tea carafe and examining it.] I just think, you know, this has to be more than a liter.

J: [Laughing.] You’re like me right now.

M: How am I like you?

J: I’m always trying to prove that facts are wrong.

M: [Laughing.] That is so true.

J: I know.

M: You’re always railing against the facts.

J: I’m a railer.

M: Rail, rail.

J: [Giggle.]

[Fade to hug.]

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