Morning, Chez Nous

J: Last night I dreamed that two of our three acorn squash were missing.

M: Really? I dreamed I was back at Yale, and everyone hated me.

J: I just couldn’t figure out where they went. Like, did we eat them? Did someone come and take them away?

M: And I was in the Yale post office, and they wouldn’t let me get my mail. They were like, “No mail for you!”


M: So, what are you doing tonight?

J: I’m coming straight home from work, and I’m doing chores.

M: Cool.

J: What are you doing?

M: I was thinking I’d lie around and complain.

J: [Face lighting up.] That sounds awesome!

M: Yeah, well. My plans got canceled. So. It’s the logical next step.

J: [Face beaming love.] See you tonight!

M: Okay.

J: I love you! SO much!

3 Responses to “Morning, Chez Nous”

  1. Liza says:

    Sometimes I wish blogs had a “like” button, the way Facebook does. That’s what I wanted to say: “I like this.”

  2. Sour Fishie says:

    Oh my lord, you’re killing me. So cute!

  3. admin says:

    Aw. Thanks, both of you. I have such a sweet husband. Of course, he has a hilarious wife. It works.

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