Some Good Stuff in a Terrible Time

This is a wonderful movie. The more Kumail Nanjiani in my life (and, I hope, in yours) the better.

This is a beautiful book. Sometimes I have the sense that Alexie is a stuntman first and a writer second (though this quietly arresting story is 100% stunt-free), and for me, the jury was out for the first 25% or so of his new memoir. But the book won me over and then bowled me over. His voice is so singular, and his willingness to open his wounds is astonishing. Plus, You Don’t Have To is a primer on the power of repetition. Alexie uses it to harrowing effect.

This is a thing you can do, at least theoretically (calendar is currently booked up), that would make your life better.

This is a series of incredibly smart, compassionate videos about how to connect with other humans.

This, this, and this are good places to donate money.

This is a website dedicated to wonder.

This is a place to see something new.

3 Responses to “Some Good Stuff in a Terrible Time”

  1. Chris aumack says:

    I enjoyed Alexie’s New Yorker story, as well.
    Thanks for donation ideas. Do you have any pro-environment type charities to recommend?

  2. Melissa says:

    Chris, we spread out our environmental giving among a number of organizations, including Green Peace, Nature Conservatory, Sierra Club, Carbon Fund, Audubon Society, and the Arbor Day Foundation. (I’m sure we’re missing some vital ones.) There’s also a superb local org called Planting Justice that helps the formerly incarcerated transition into jobs by training them as gardeners.

  3. admin says:

    I left off the NRDC!

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