More Monsters

For a while there, I was managing a monster a day, but then a) I got a giant contract  and b) we went to Palm Springs. And 10 days from now, we head to Maryland for the holidays, which requires plenty of ramp-up. So now it’s more like a monster whenever.

Here’s a guy I did in Palm Springs:



Note the French spelling of his name. He is old and crotchety, but in a French way.

And here’s one I did in a different app, Adobe Ideas:



As you can see, I was working with a specific body position. This is apparently an underwater monster, although she seems comfortable pretty much anywhere.

With some help from John, I started to work with layers. The iPad seems to be somewhat underpowered to manage more than a few layers in ArtStudio, so it wasn’t entirely fluid to assemble the following image. But with some patience, I made it happen:

Group Shot

Group Shot

It isn’t perfect, but it’s cute enough, right?

I’m experiencing something akin to what happened when I discovered felting: Suddenly, I have the power not merely to purchase cute but to create it. And that feels like nothing less than a superpower.

Cuteness, YOU ARE MINE.

2 Responses to “More Monsters”

  1. Eric says:

    Have you ever seen Barbapapa? I think it was pretty popular in France and Italy for kids in the 80s maybe and is now making a come-back.

    Your monsters remind me a lot of them:

  2. admin says:

    I didn’t know about those, no. Cute! (And apparently in support of interracial marriage since 1970. :))

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