Melissa States the Obvious

I would like to introduce a new blog category: Melissa States the Obvious.

Here is my first entry:

Anna Karenina is long. Like, looooooong. Like, do not proceed if you are looking for a short book. It is not short. There is no shortness to be found there. You can’t just dip your toes in for a little refresher and hop on out of there. You start that book, you are IN FREAKING DEEP.

2 Responses to “Melissa States the Obvious”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I read this book on a train trip from Vancouver to Toronto and then onward to Quebec City where all I did was sit for days, either looking out the window or reading. And I still wasn’t done at the end of the trip.

  2. Melissa says:

    I believe it! And when you read it on the Kindle, you feel like you’re never getting ANYWHERE. The pages, they are not turning.

    Btw, sounds like a very cool way to spend such a long train trip, particularly given the train-related content.

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