Thanks, Rainbow Rowell

You know when you’re having a colossally difficult week and you’ve been reading a lot of great and “serious” fiction but at this moment what you really need is something light but not insipid or insulting to your intelligence, so you download a YA book that your friend told you about and it’s so perfectly sweet and heartfelt and minutely observed that you get junior-high-level goosebumps and finish it in one night, and then you download the author’s other book which is not quite as good but still compelling in all the right ways so you finish it the next night, and then on the third night you feel bereft that her next book isn’t coming out until “fall 2013″ and beyond that there are no other books from her?

That just happened to me.

Here’s the author.

And here’s the first book I read (which she wrote second).

And the second book I read (which she wrote first).

Thanks, Rainbow. You helped a girl out this week.

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