Today in Highly Recommended

This memoir by Darin Strauss: Half a Life.

Gorgeous sentences, profoundly emotionally honest, and absolutely committed to saying the true thing, no matter how bleak or unflattering. It has the kind of integrity that serves as a foil for all those memoirs caught up in the act of image management.


Now I’m about 50 pages into this novel, and it’s fantastic. Warm and wry at the same time. With a talking dog! Every time the narrator returns home after being out, the dog says, “I thought you were dead.” Naturally.

And finally, here’s a sweet, silly movie that deserved more love than it got: Cedar Rapids. It was the perfect birthday-afternoon entertainment, paired with chocolate-chip cookies and lemon bars.

Special bonus info: Anne Heche can act!

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  1. […] how I loved Darin Strauss’s memoir? I read his most recent novel, the chillingly titled More Than It Hurts You. And . . . not as good. […]

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