At our wedding (on Saturday!), I told the following story.

In our kitchen, we have a pantry. I generally like to keep that pantry in order, and John is kind enough to do his share. But once, a couple of years ago, I had neatened the pantry to a state of loveliness, only to find it disrupted a few days later. Because nobody else lives with us, I asked John about it.

“Hey, Sweetie,” I said. “Do you know what happened here?’

With a puzzled look, he opened the pantry door to examine the mess.

“Oh,” he said, suddenly seeming to know, “that’s just entropy, Sweetie. The universe has a natural tendency toward disorder.”

Hilarity. Doubled-over laughing, tears streaming, howling laughter. When I could breathe again I said, “Yeah, your universe.”

Anyway. At the wedding, after hearing this story, our friend Jim came up to John with a small piece of paper. On it was written a single word: entropantry.

2 Responses to “Entropantry”

  1. Jim says:

    After entropy has struck your pantry (I’m not naming any names.) and you find what you’re looking for anyway, that’s called serendipantry.

  2. admin says:

    Yay! It’s Jim! In the . . . not “flesh,” exactly, but . . . electrons? (You can see how little I know about technology.) “Serendipantry” is an excellent word. I love it.

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