It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Is a good movie. Why aren’t people seeing it?

It’s a little too easy—a light-ish comedy about depression and other emotional illness—but it’s also smart, funny, compassionate, and endearing. Plus, any movie that establishes a causal relationship between the pressure to achieve and depression is a winner in my book. I give it a Well Worth Seeing.

During our screening in Santa Cruz, the fire alarm went off about half-way through. We strolled outside for some air and were snugly back in out seats within 10 minutes. Nice leg break. They should do that more often—absenting any actual fires, naturally.

In other news, we continue to hate our toaster oven. I attempted online research with an eye toward buying another but was beaten into near-hopelessness. All I want is a new model of the old one—a 4-slice jobbie that toasts quickly and well, plus has oven settings.

What I learned online is that so does everybody else. And it doesn’t exist. Apparently in the years since I last bought a toaster oven, the manufacturers have entered a feature war, resulting in the introduction of options nobody needs and the elimination of common-sense functionality.

Could that be . . . a metaphor for something? Maybe it’s just a metaphor for technology.

It is kind of wonderful how almost everyone in the world now seems to hate her toaster oven. Solidarity forever!

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