Remember chetzi-PJ?

Welp, the other day, John was doing something, and he said he didn’t want to do it “chetzi-tush.”

M: What?

J: Chetzi-tush. Half-assed.

M: Oh my God. That’s genius.

J: Thank you.

M: Except it should be chetzi-tushi, pronounced chetzi-tooshi.

J: Okay.

M: You really have to get the “oo” in there. Spend some quality time with the “oo.”

J: Chetzi-toooshi.

M: Very good.

J: Thanks!

Later it occurred to me that if we want to do something whole-assed, we should say “meah achuz tushi,” which means “100% tush.”

Right? As in, “There’s no way I’m eating only one cupcake. I approach cupcake-eating with meah achuz tushi.”

I think it works.

3 Responses to “Chetzi-Tushi”

  1. lisa says:

    don’t count on google translator to verify any of this but know that you can trust school aged children when it comes to words for body parts.

    remember the whole ‘me’ is who, ‘who’ is he, ‘he’ is she thing? ‘hamor’ is ass and ‘ass’ is ace. ‘toosh’ is actually a magic marker. as in, lets take out the ‘tooshim’ and color. tooshi as you are describing it is ‘toosik’ or ‘tachat’. as in, ouch! she pinched my toosik! or, sit your tachat down and then she can’t pinch you! by the way, who left all these tooshim on the table? what kind of hetzi-hatachat clean-up was that?

  2. admin says:

    “Ass” is ace? “Toosh” is magic marker? Whoooah, Nelly. I’m all kinds of confused. I kind of love “chetzi-hatachat,” though. (Is it “chetzi” or “hetzi”?)

  3. lisa says:

    chetzi… in all its throat-clearing glory! i got used to writing h instead of ch in my blog lest someone unfamiliar with the language mistake it for a hard ch. chocolate chip challah…OUCH!

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