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Hot Tub!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

After 13.5 years together and many, many visits to the hot tubs of others/hot springs/mineral baths/hotel jacuzzis, we finally have a round, silky, womblike bowl of happiness in our very own back yard. It only took half a million dollars and about twenty visits from an electrician. But it’s in there! And it works! And we’ve gone in every single night, under the cool and cloudy Oakland skies. HEAVEN.

Now that I’ve returned from my mini-sabbatical, I’m here to report on some recently consumed media.

  • While We’re Young: Noah Baumbach’s latest. When I heard the premise, I worried that it would be a small-stakes movie about manners (and perhaps more specifically/annoyingly, a send-up of hipster accoutrements—too easy!) But it was deeper than that. And more nuanced. And even a little surprising. With fantastic facial-expression acting from both Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts!
  • Second season of Looking: Better than the first, which I liked quite a lot. Alas, there will not be a third season; only a wrap-up special (which, according to me, isn’t needed). My quibbles had been mainly of the “People are talking a smidge too sassily to represent actual humans; please dial down” variety and also, particularly w/r/t the Patrick/Kevin plot, “Things are happening far too quickly and fake-feelings-y for me to invest.” The writers mainly resolved both of those issues in the second season, with but a few slip-ups. Solidly satisfying viewing.
  • Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town: John Krakauer’s latest. The story here is vastly compelling and enraging at the same time, so eminently worth reading/knowing about and also not easy to take in. I have complex opinions that in some cases differ from what Krakaeur is driving at, but I’m smart enough not to post them here. If you’d like to know, find your way to me privately and we can hash it all out in the comfort of email.
  • Mad Men: Yes, I am among the feverish hordes watching this beloved show slip through our fingers and into television history. I am perhaps not among the hordes in that I wish that the show had ended with the “Lost Horizon” episode, which was satisfying in every possible way and included one of the most perfect and soulful scenes in the show’s history (i.e., Peggy rollerskating around Roger in the abandoned office) as well as one of the most kick-ass (Peggy arriving for her first day of work). At the end of that episode, we knew (enough of) what was happening to every single important character, and everything made perfect sense. And then . . . last night. Sigh. I just couldn’t get on board with any of it—like, zero amount. I think I’ll just pretend it never happened.