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In Which I Extoll One of the Many, Many Virtuous Acts of a Certain J. Diller

Monday, September 24th, 2012

There are so many reasons to love John, but here’s one you may not know about. Every morning, and I mean every morning, I wake up to this:

Fruit Plate

Fruit Plate

It’s a fruit plate for my müeslix.

Just to be clear: He not only shops for the fruit at the Saturday farmer’s market. He then selects, cleans, and chops it every morning. And arranges it. On a plate. So it is beautiful. Even though it is going to be unceremoniously dumped into a bowl of soaked raw oats and doused with flax seed oil.

I know, I know. It’s almost insanely awesome.

To be fair, I do set up the müeslix the night before and do all of the breakfast dishes, often including some of John’s lunch dishes from the previous day. So I’m in there with the giving. But still. Come on. This is genius.

Decor Updates

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Design fiends, they’re here at last! Photos of recent home decor improvements, including the finished dining room. Let’s begin there:

Le Dining Room

Le Dining Room

Ta-da! I’d love to add some kind of treatment to the floor—e.g., a colored rug under the table, for contrast. Green-apple  green? Raspberry? Plum? But rugs under dining tables make it nearly impossible to pull out chairs with any comfort, so I’d rather do something to the floor. Like paint it. But it’s hardwood. And old. And pretty. Maybe there’s some kind of vinyl solution? Thoughts?



Here’s a closer view. On the day I took this shot, the flowers weren’t ideal. Usually I go with bright orange or yellow, and usually it’s a fuller arrangement.

And now for a look at the dresser I rehabbed! Alas, I neglected to photograph it before I redid it, so exhausted was I by the prospect. Imagine a fifty-year-old piece belonging to a French provincial bedroom set, deeply yellowed with age, having sat in the very same bedroom for all of those years, tired and sad. And now look at it!

Dresser Redo

Dresser Redo

I apologize for the morose gray carpet, which we have plans to replace, as well as all of the unsightly cords. Criminal, I know. Just try to focus on the piece, and imagine the labor involved in doing that detail work. It took a long time, peeps. But I loved it.

That’s where we are with décor these days. Plenty of other plans in the works, in due time.

Of Late

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Breezing into the new week with a rapid-fire culture round-up:

  1. Sleepwalk with Me: The movie, not the TAL Moth excerpt, full-length one-man show, or the book (each of which I have heard/seen/read). I think the movie is the best manifestation of the story yet, in large part because it makes the relationship between Mike (Matt, in the movie) and Abby so real and heart-breaking. (And oh my God Lauren Ambrose’s wardrobe! Is gorgeous! Even to me! And I’m not that into clothes!) Everything feels more important and less joke-y, but it’s still hilarious. Very much worth seeing.
  2. Robot and Frank. Eh. A clever concept and an excellent performance by Frank Langella, but the script is flawed, particularly in its auxiliary characters (i.e., the children). And there’s a central logical mistake, too. Still, that robot is awfully sweet. Or “sweet.” Naturally, [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] John cried when they wiped his memory. I loves me my tender, lovin’ man.
  3. Precious Little. The current Shotgun Players production. Like Sleepwalk, also very much worth seeing, and it closes on Sunday, so hurry on over. The tightly written script is very satisfying to untangle post-show. Prepare to deconstruct!
  4. Darkness Visible, by William Styron. Just beautiful. So compassionate and humane.
  5. Top Chef: Masters. Oh, how I love Top Chef in all of its iterations—well, except for Just Desserts, which is surprisingly uninspired. But anyway, I adore this franchise. And it’s the only television show that John-the-freakish-outlier will watch with me, which makes it especially delightful. Ask me about my Friday night! When John and I ate dinner in bed! While watching multiple episodes! And pausing every few minutes to discuss and predict! (Short version: Heaven.)

That’s it for Monday, folks.