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Important Musical Epiphany

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I have been sick. Or, as the English would say, ill.

Definitively ill! With something flu-like, though I think it was a cold.

I have been so sick that the mere idea of blogging, not to say living, exhausted me. But not so sick that I couldn’t notice the following:

When you use a heavy-weight stainless steel tablespoon to briskly stir honey into a pint glass of hot water, what you have is the percussion section of the William Tell Overture.

So I think we all know where Rossini got his inspiration.

Try it. It works!


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Every morning as John heads out the door, he stops at my desk to say goodbye. Today he reported that he had a song stuck in his head:

J: If I had a hamster, I’d hamster in the morning . . .

(This was a reference to a hilarious and underappreciated Facebook status I posted a week ago.)

Then, together, we sang:

If I had a hamster, I’d hamster in the morning, I’d hamster in the evening, all over this la-and. I’d hamster out danger! I’d hamster out warning! I’d hamster out love, between, my brothers and my sisters, a-all over this la-a-and . . .

It wasn’t, shall we say, the most melodic of duets.

J: Clearly we have different notes associated with that song.

M: [Hysterical laughter.]

J: What?

M: [Tears of hilarity.]

J: What?

M: That’s not how it works! You don’t associate notes with a song. There are notes in a song, and you try to sing them!

J: [Chuckling.] Huh.

M: Seriously. You’re doin’ it wrong.

J: [Same chuckle, no admission of error.]

M: Your world is so loose and fancy-free. I don’t understand how anything ever comes together.

J: [Thinking.] Volume.

M: Oh, my God.

J: [Adorably self-satisfied smile.]

M: That was genius.

J: Thank you.

[Hugs and kisses. John heads out the door. I turn to the computer.]

[A moment later, he charges back through the door and heads to the bedroom.]

J: My face is too dry!

M: I’m blogging this entire thing. Right now.

Young Punks

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

We saw Vampire Weekend! Last night, at the Fox in Oakland. (Thanks to Peter and Kate for selling us their tix!)

Okay, first: a very bouncy good time. Highly danceable music. Swanky light show. Chandeliers with at least five settings. And the irresistible signature neo-yodeling! OH oh OH, WHOAH oh OH, AA-EE AA YA YA!

The band was exactly what you’d expect them to be: energetic, puckish, uber-talented, and either post-ironic or post-post-ironic. Or could they have been post-post-post-ironic? (Sometimes the layers peel themselves, and sometimes . . . they don’t.)

Approximately 65% of hipster Oakland was there. But John and I were undaunted, and I’ll tell you why. We may not have been wearing our ironic t-shirts, but we rested safely in the knowledge that we had quite a few ironic t-shirts back at home.

That’s the kind of confidence that will allow married people from Berkeley to endure an onslaught of hipster fashion. That, and the unshakable desire to periodically inform the band, “You are but children!” At one point the lead singer mentioned that it was their first time at the Fox, and I was like, “Of course it’s your first time at the Fox, you idiot! You’re twelve!”

Anyways, though. It was rilly fun. I’m still bouncing, a little.