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Gorgeous, Stylish, and Happy-Go-Lucky

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

I hereby publicly declare my love for this duck.

International Bear of Misery

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I would be remiss as Promoter of Haute Cute if I did not point you to this.

Tip: Watch until the end.

Media Roundup

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

A quick review of recently consumed media:

1) The Liars’ Club. I finally read the first Mary Karr memoir (15 years late), with the aim of reading the second and then the third. It’s pretty brilliant. In fact, it’s something of an argument against all of the bloggy, casually written, stunt-driven memoirs in its obsessive attention to language.

Not that I begrudge anyone le memoir lite—I read them, often enjoyably—but, just, are they literature? Karr is writing literature. (This is where I mock my own pretension by quoting the blowhard professor father in The Squid and the Whale and saying that Mary Karr is “a serious person.”)

2) Manhood for Amateurs, by Michael Chabon. A collection of personal essays about being a husband, father, and son. He writes great sentences, and I’m a fan of Chabon’s unique brand of neurotic cheer.

Sometimes I feel a little uneasy about the degree to which he seems to be asking for expiation for his fatherly sins. Or maybe granting it to himself? Or maybe it’s more of a public self-flagellation he’s engaged in? Anyway, still worth reading. His take on Obama grabbed me right by the “me, too” gizzard.

3) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We laughed pretty hard.

4) A documentary about the bald eagle on PBS. I caught only a few minutes, and that while I was clicking back and forth with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (don’t judge me), largely because I find it impossible to watch baby animal death, or even adult animal death by drowning in a frozen lake.

(“The problem with nature,” I said to my brother-in-law as he walked through the room, “is that people die.”

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do when watching nature videos is immediately apply the animal behavior to humans and see how it pans out.

So here’s what I got from the eagle thing: The male builds the nest, at least at first. And when a female comes a’lookin’, they have like a three-minute mating ritual (tandem flying), after which they set about to building up the nest even more.

But whenever the female brings a new twig or some grass and places it, the male always picks it up and moves it. Always. The first time he does it, she’s right there, kind of “Doo-dee-doo, don’t mind if I pretend this isn’t happening,” and he doesn’t look at her. He’s like, “There. That’s where it should have been.” But later he takes to doing it only when she isn’t there.

M: I could kind of see the attraction there.

J: Yeah?

M: You know, the male had a really good-looking nest. Plus, it was in a great location. It was like a West Village nest. I could maybe potentially have gone for a dude with a really excellent house.

J: Yeah, but he controls the decor.

M: God, I know.


M: Okay, never.